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Debora and Bruno: Engaged!

Spend a little time with Debora and Bruno and you will agree that they make such a perfect couple! From the moment I started shooting their engagement photos, I could instantly see the sparks between them. From the way the two of them interact with each other, it really shows just how much they are in love.

They met at church 8 years ago when Bruno moved to Georgia from Brazil and have been dating ever since. They have been engaged for a year now and are so excited about finally getting married.

Here are some of my favorite shots from their session. As you can see, there is so much love in every photo these two take!

Aren't they adorable together?

It was windy while during their session, but we had lots of fun!

I love this one on the steps -simple and sweet.

Such a cute moment.

This is one of my favorites!


Carissa in Waterfront Park

Carissa is an adorable little 4 year old girl. She has the most beautiful curly blond hair that you could imagine! I photographed Carissa at Waterfront Park in Charleston, SC just before sunset, and the light was absolutely gorgeous.


Holly: Charleston Bridals

Outside of St. Philips Church in Charleston, SC, I photographed Holly, a Charleston event planner. The church and the surrounding area made for a beautiful backdrop for getting some really cool looking bridal shots. Holly looked absolutely gorgeous and was a lots of fun to photograph.


Kelli: Charleston, SC

Besides meeting some awesome photographers, I was also able shoot a lot of photos last week while I was in Charleston, SC. I will be posting some of my favorites over the next couple of days.

To start, here are some photos I took of Kelli.


Keona and Mario: Engaged!

I cannot even describe just how much fun I had with Keona and Mario shooting their engagement photos! Seriously, these two are a blast to hang out with.

We lucked out with beautiful weather for their session. That morning had been raining, but luckily the sun came out just in time to get some amazing shots. Keona and Mario were up for just about anything- except sitting in the wet grass!

I can just tell Keona adores Mario by the way she looks at him.

They make such a cute couple!

We heard music playing, so Keona and Mario starting dancing right in the middle of the steps.

Then we decided to head for some open grass so they could break out some more of their dance moves!

Can you tell they were having fun?

This is one of my favorites.


Snow in the North Carolina Mountains

This past weekend I was in Asheville shooting a wedding. On the drive back to Atlanta, Mark and I decided to take then scenic route through the mountains. It was a beautiful drive and we even saw snow when we reached the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Of course, I had to pull over and take some photos of the snow.

Here's one of Mark playing in the snow.

Once we got past the snow, the rest of the drive was also gorgeous! The sky was just so blue.

I got Mark to take a few photos of me in the snow:

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