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Wednesday Flashback: Paris Streets in Black & White

This week's Flashback Photo is a black and white film photo taken in Paris during the summer of 2001. Like the first photo I shared in this series, this is another one of my earlier photos shot with black and white film on an SLR camera.

What I love about this photo are the interesting lines in the street and the motion of the people walking on the left side of the frame.

black and white photo of the streets in the Latin Quarter in Paris Fance

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Rebecca & Scott: Sneak Peek!

I had a great time photographing Rebecca and Scott's engagement photos last night. They picked an awesome location for their session that involved taking a little hike to get to, but it was definitely worth a little extra walking! And to make it even better, they brought along their two adorable dogs, so they could be included in a few of the photos, too.

Here is a little preview for Rebecca and Scott. More photos will be up in a few days!


An Intimate Courthouse Wedding

My friend Katrina of Katrina Wheeler Photography asked me to come along with her to shoot a wedding at the Gwinett County Courthouse last Tuesday morning, and I am so glad I did! It was a really sweet and intimate wedding. The only guest was their son adorable son Vinny.

Here are a few of my favorites:

I loved her shoes!

Then later that evening, we headed to Wisteria Restaurant to capture their dinner together.

The cake...

It was a long day for Vinny...

They are such a sweet family.

Thanks, Katrina, for asking me to shoot with you!


Wednesday Flashback: Product Photography

This week's Flashback photo was a class assignment for a digital photography course I took during my senior year of college. The assignment was to take a advertising product photo of an alcohol bottle.

I chose to photograph this bottle of 1800 Tequila because I really loved the look and shape of the bottle, especially the top. I lit the bottle under green lighting. I adjusted the angle, focus and lighting in the two photos to emphasize different aspects of the bottle.

product photography of 1800 Tequila

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2009 Holiday Cards | Set 1

I am so excited about this year's holiday card designs! Below are the first three 2009 design options. I will be posting more options soon.

It may seem early to start planning for Christmas, but now is the perfect time to start schedule your holiday card session! You can use a photo from a wedding, engagement or portrait session taken at a session from earlier this year on your cards or schedule a holiday photo session especially for your cards. Cards will feature your photo(s) and custom greeting.
2009 Design #1:

2009 Design #2:

2009 Design #3:

All cards are professionally printed on high quality cardstock on paper style of your choice. Designs are shown for flat 5x7 cards printed front and back. Cards can also be made into folded cards with additional photos or space for you to write a hand-written note inside. Inquire for info on customizing your card design.


Diamandi & Antoine: Glendalough Manor in Tyrone GA

A couple weeks ago I shot this bridal session of two awesome models at the Glendalough Manor with my friend Katrina. The Glendalough Manor is an absolutely gorgeous venue in Tyrone, GA that I would definitely recommend checking out if you are still looking for a location for your wedding.

Diamandi and Antoine were such great models that were so much fun to photograph. I couldn't have asked for a better session! Here are a few of my favorites, beginning with some shots of Diamandi getting ready in the bridal room. Diamandi had her make-up done by Angelique Dozier.

Doesn't she look beautiful?

Her hair was done by Mika.

Antoine getting ready...

I love the gorgeous staircase!

The fountains and gardens outside the Manor gave us so many great spots for photos.

To see more, check out the sneak peek I posted earlier in the month.


Wednesday Flashback: Sunrise in Maine

During the summer of 2006, I attended the Maine Photographic Workshops in Rockport, ME. At the workshop, I took a week long course on Digital Photojournalism given by a National Geographic photographer. During the course, I learned a lot about storytelling and putting together a magazine-style photo story.

This week's Flashback Photo was not a part of my story project for the week, but it is a great reminder of my week in Maine. I was up shooting a sunset two days during the course, and I shot the photo on the second early morning.

early morning sunrise in Maine

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Wednesday Flashback: Ballet Dancers

This week's Flashback photo is of ballet dancers from the South Carolina Summer Dance Conservatory performing at Drayton Hall in Columbia, SC.

I took this photo during August 2006 on an assignment for The Gamecock. Taking photos of a ballet was so fun and intriguing because of all the beautiful lights, costumes and choreography. There were many interesting photos to choose from, but this is my personal favorite and the one that was published for the article.

ballet dancers from the South Carolina Summer Dance Conservatory perform in Columbia SC

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OpLove: Kevin's Homecoming

On Friday night I had the honor of photographing Kevin's homecoming after a year long deployment in Iraq. His fiance Jackie contacted me last month about doing an OpLove homecoming session for them, and on Friday, Jackie let me know that Kevin's flight would be getting into the Atlanta airport that night. Here are a few photos of their reunion:

Waiting at the airport...

Operation: Love ReUnited is a non profit program that offers free photography sessions for deploying, deployed, and returning military families. If you wish to participate in a Pre-Deployment, Deployment or Homecoming/Reunion Session, please go to to locate a photographer.

The photographs and other content of this publication do not constitute or imply any endorsement or recommendation by the Department of Defense.


Diamandi & Antoine: Sneak Peek

Here's a little preview from last night's bridal session with Diamandi and Antoine. I had such an awesome time photographing these two! More photos to come soon.

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