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Wednesday Flashback: A New Series

I started this blog a little over a year ago- on June 8, 2008 to be exact. But I starting doing photography long before I started my blog. So, as a result, I have decided to start a weekly series in which I will be sharing some of my earlier work from my pre-blogging days. This includes film, digital, personal work, professional work, old school assignments and everything else I can find.

I figured it would only be appropriate to begin my Flashback Series with a photo from the very first roll of black and white film I printed in the darkroom back in 2001. I had just learned the basics of how to shoot on an old film camera that only had an all-manual mode, how adjust my aperture and shutter speed settings, and how to meter for the proper light exposure. And I set off with 36 frames to try to get it right. Even though I didn't know much back then, I am happy with how most of the photos on that first roll of film turned out.

Here is one of my favorites:

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1 comment:

Roz Mitchell said...

Oh I like that! What a great idea to share your old work! Love those buildings - even if it does make me sort of claustrophobic to think about walking down that street!

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