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View from the Georgian Terrace: Atlanta, GA

This past Friday night, I photographed an event at the Georgian Terrance Hotel and the view of Atlanta from the penthouse at night was awesome!! I took a few photos from the balcony while I was shooting and this is one of my favorites:
Atlanta at night from the Georgian Terrace Hotel


Wedding Inspiration: Gold Details

This week's wedding inspiration boards are filled with my favorite gold and cream details. I love the way the other elements like the feathers, lace and candles went along with the gold. I am bringing you this bit of wedding inspiration from Las Vegas, where I am at the WPPI convention until Thursday. I am having an amazing time here and have so many photos to share when I return.


Heading to Las Vegas for WPPI 2011

Tomorrow, I am leaving for Las Vegas for WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International), an annual convention and trade show for professional photographers. It is a huge event with about 15,000 photographers and I am so excited to going!

Last year was my first time attending and I came home feeling incredibly inspired with so many new ideas that I couldn't wait to try out at my upcoming photo shoots. I expect this year to be even better, and I am sure I will have lots of photos and stories to share when I get back!

I'm ready for a busy few days filled with learning, checking out all the latest products and talking photography with photographers from all over. It's fun, exhausting and totally worth it! There are platform classes everyday on all things photography such as lighting, posing, marketing, etc. The trade show is huge (and a little overwhelming at first)- I love wandering around and checking out all of the latest products. Getting to look at and feel the different album options in person is the best way for me to choose the very best products for my clients.

<-- This photo of me was taken on the balcony of my hotel room the first night last year by one of my roommates Ashah Wood.


Adventures in New Jersey

Last month my mom and I took a trip to New Jersey to visit family and friends. We lucked into timing the trip perfectly, flying in right between two snow storms. Our flight into Newark was the first one from Atlanta to not be canceled that day and our flight back to Atlanta was one of the last ones to fly out that day before the next snow storm. Perfect timing for traveling, but there was a lot of snow while we were there! My mom and I decided that we should document our entire trip with photos of our adventures, and so I thought I would share some of it for fun.

Our flight and first night in New Jersey. Our first stop after we landed was, of course, the diner:

Our first day began shoveling snow, and there was a lot of it there! I'm sure everyone thought I was crazy taking photos of the huge snow piles as we drove around:

Some of the people with visited and the food we ate (because no trip to New Jersey would be complete without stopping for pizza and our favorite Chinese restaurant):


Wedding Inspiration: Pink Details

I have decided to bring back my weekly inspiration series featuring some of my favorite wedding details from the past year. I like sharing these photos during the winter months to give couples ideas to use during their wedding planning. Since today is Valentine's Day, I will be sharing a few inspiration boards I have created featuring my favorite pink details from 2010.


OpLove: Jon's Homecoming

Jon returned yesterday from a six month deployment. He was reunited with his wife Sarah at the Atlanta airport last night after they spent nearly 200 days apart. Sarah was waiting with a great sign that she made for Jon that said, "Days Apart = 197, Emails Sent = 400+, Soldier Home = PRICELESS." When Jon called to let her know he was off the plane and would be there in about 5 minutes, she grew more and more anxious with each group of people that emerged from the escalators, until finally she saw Jon.


I loved seeing Sarah's reaction when she spotted Jon stepping off the escalator.

Operation: Love ReUnited is a non profit program that offers free photography sessions for deploying, deployed, and returning military families. If you wish to participate in a Pre-Deployment, Deployment or Homecoming/Reunion Session, please go to to locate a photographer in your area or email me at to schedule a session with me.

The photographs and other content of this publication do not constitute or imply any endorsement or recommendation by the Department of Defense.


Wedding Albums: Jackie & Kevin

I absolutely love Jackie and Kevin's wedding album from their Chateau Elan wedding this past spring, and I wanted to share a few photos of it for those of you who haven't had the opportunity to look at my albums in person. For me, seeing the love story in print, and being able to hold that final product in my hands before delivering it to the couple is such a great feeling!

Jackie and Kevin chose a 40 page 12x12 inch black leather album and it is simply stunning! In addition, they chose to get a set of two 8x8 coffee table books with a photo cover for their parent albums. I photographed the three books together to show the difference between how the coffee table book and leather album look side by side.

Their gorgeous leather wedding album:

A few of my favorite spreads from their album are below. I just love how the double-page spread with the overview shot of their ceremony looks. The ability to do this is one of the things I love about these albums!

A few close-ups of the coffee table style books:

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