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New Jersey Recap

After my sister's graduation, Mark and I drove up to New Jersey to spend the week visiting my Grandma. We decided to drive through western Virginia and Pennsylvania instead of DC. It was a really pretty drive through mountains. During our time in New Jersey it was great to spend lots of time with my Grandma, visit with other family and see a few of my friends from high school.

Here are a few photos from New Jersey. It was fun going back and visiting a spot I remember taking photos at for one of my high school photography classes.

Here's a photo of me with my Grandma.

Mark and my Grandma both complained about having their picture taken, but they eventually agreed.


Home Sweet Home

1811 miles later, I have returned home from my trip to North Carolina, New Jersey, New York City and Washington, DC! I had a great time visiting lots of friends and family and seeing the beautiful sites along the road. It was a fun trip, but it is definitely good to be home.

Details and photos to come. For now, here is a map of my journey.


Jamie's Graduation: Part 2

Here are a few more photos from Jamie's graduation. This time, they are the portraits of Jamie with all of us!

Here are a few a Jamie and the proud parents:

A family photo taken by Mark:

Me and my sisters. We love Jamie!!

A few more of Jamie and my parents:

I had to take one with Mark while we were dressed up:

I love these ones of my parents!

Tonight is my last night in New Jersey. Tomorrow Mark and I are headed to DC to visit with some friends on our way back to Atlanta. I will post the recap and photos from our road trip when I get home!


Jamie's Graduation: Elon University

My sister graduated from Elon University this past Saturday. The family was so excited to be there for her big day. Congratulation Jamie on this great accomplishment! I know there are many great things ahead for you!

I am writing this from a coffee shop in New Jersey but I wanted to post a few photos. More to come from the graduation and my road trip soon.

And here's some of Jamie in her dress:


Product Feature: DVD of Your Photos

I am in the process of adding a section to the website with information and photos of the products I offer. Since I didn't have any photos of my DVD cases, I took a few shots of one for the website before shipping it out last week.

Here are a few photos of the high-resolution photo DVD and DVD case:

A DVD of high-resolution wedding day photos is included in all my wedding collections. The DVD of photos from your engagement or portrait session can also be purchased by request.


Mark's Birthday

This weekend we celebrated my husband's birthday! We enjoyed having weekend with time off and beautiful weather. Mark's mom was able to visit from New Orleans on Saturday night, so we went out for Thai food for dinner followed by some delicious cake at Cafe Intermezzo. We decided that the dinner was for Mark's birthday and the cake was for Mother's Day. We had a lot of celebrations to cram into one night.

Here's a self-portrait of me and Mark before we left for dinner.

Have a great week!

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