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Hello, from very snowy New Jersey!

I am up in New Jersey right now, surrounded by snow! My flight to Newark on Thursday was one of the few flights all day not to be canceled, so I was lucky to actually make it up here as scheduled. Driving to my Grandma's house from the airport, I could not believe how much snow there was on the side of the road and how high the snow was piled up in the parking lots (pictures to come). You would think I hadn't spent most of my life living here with how amazed I was at the amount of snow!

I traveled up here with my mom, and we've been having a great visit with friends and family. Of course, we've been documenting the whole trip and photographing everything we do up here, so I will have more lots more photos to share when I get home. For now, here the the scene I woke up to yesterday morning:

I have definitely gotten the the full winter experience this year, between a white Christmas in South Carolina, a week long ice storm in Atlanta and now this trip! Here I am climbing a snow pile to put money in the parking meter:

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