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'Tis The Season!

I love Christmas! The decorations, putting up the Christmas tree, watching my favorite Christmas movies, looking at Christmas lights, listening to Christmas songs... the list goes on and on. I just love it all! This year is extra special because Mark and I are celebrating our first Christmas together.

This past Saturday I realized just how close it was to Christmas, so on Sunday Mark and I set out to get ourselves a tree. Then we that afternoon, we decorated the tree, made hot chocolate and listened to Christmas music. Now when I look around and see the lights on our tree, it really feels like Christmas time.

Mark trying to put the star on top of the tree. We had some difficulties with our super heavy star.

Our stockings hung by our cool light up train stocking hangers.

Did I already say how much I love Christmas decorations? Here are some of ours!

Tada! Our beautiful tree.

Here is a little shot we took of ourselves in front of the tree once we were all done decorating.


Anonymous said...

Aww, these are so cute! Your tree looks GREAT! I put mine up right after Thanksgiving, but I haven't finished putting the ornaments on it yet, haha! I've been way slack on that.

Anonymous said...

What a great way to capture the beauty of the season. I'm off to photograph my tree. Thanks for the inspiration!

Brandi said...

I like your tree! And I love the abominable! I am a Rudolph freaaaaak. :) I kid you not. I have debated on photographing the 'collection' but I'm afraid it'll frighten people. :p

Kelly LaBruyere said...

Valerie- Thanks! You definitely need to finish decorating your tree!

Sylvia- Looking forward to seeing the photos.

Brandi- I would love to see photos of your Rudolph collection! I am jealous, all I have so far is the abominable.

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