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Crystal & Rae: Carnival Engagement Session

Listening to Crystal and Rae tell the story of how they met is an event itself. As they tell the story, the two of them go back and forth, each telling their favorite parts and interjecting comments when the other one messes up a detail. I can't tell it as well as they do, but I'll give you a short version of their story.

They met a mutual friend's birthday party that for one reason or another they each almost ended up not going to. But as luck would have it, Crystal and Rae both ended up at the party that night. Rae was about to leave, but when he saw Crystal walk in, he decided to stay until he had a chance to talk to her. After getting her number that night, Rae couldn't wait to see her again, and he called Crystal the very next day.

engagement photo of couple of ferris wheel

When Crystal suggested shooting their engagement photos at a carnival, I could not have been more excited! I love it when couples think of ideas for their engagement sessions that really reflect their personalities and relationship. I had a blast following Crystal and Rae around the carnival documenting their mini-date as they enjoyed the rides and games together. Just by the way they laughed and joked around with each other, it was apparent that they are absolutely crazy about each other!

couple going down fun slide at the carnival

engagement session at a carnival

photo of couple riding swing ride at the fair

engagement photo at a carnival by Atlanta wedding photographer Kelly LaBruyere

couple on carnival rides

carnival ride at a carnival in Marietta GA

They played a few games.

photo of couple playing carnival games

engagement photo of couple playing games at a carnival

Crystal won a stuffed animal!

girl wins prizes playing carnival game; couple laughing

couple riding the bumper cars

We also got to take some cool night shots at the end.

engagement photo session of a couple at carnival

engaged couple laughing together at a carnival lit up a night

I love this!

engagement photo taken in front of a ferris wheel by Atlanta wedding photographer Kelly LaBruyere

black and white photo of a couple at a carnival in Marietta GA

There were lots of photos of all the fun! Make sure you check out the slideshow to see more...

Click here to open the slideshow in a new window.


Christina Montemurro said...

These are so fun! You guys must have had a blast. I see nothing but joy and love in their faces.

Veronica Machak said...

Oh. my. GOODNESS! These are so fun! The vibrant colors, the happy faces, the bumper cars. This is an inspiring session. :)

Brandi said...

That IS fun. Wow, what a blast. Sweet couple :)

J.R.Hicks said...

I love your use of color!

Deidre said...

I just love their expressions! What an adorable couple.

Steve said...

What a great place for an Eng. shoot. You rocked it!

crystal said...

kelly - again, these pics are awesome! i knew i was a "laugher", but after seeing these, you'd think that's all i do!! i guess that's what happens when you're engaged to someone that makes you laugh non-stop...and when you have a great photographer :) thank you, again!!!

Lynn said...

I'd love to shoot at a carnival. I'm jealous! Looks like they had a blast. :)

Kate said...

love the colors! what a great spot for an e-session!

Heather Vreeland said...

Kelly, this photos are so great! I LOVE the carnival setting! Great job!

Valerie said...

I love love LOVE these!!!! So much color and energy to all of them! GREAT work on this one...I bet they're crazy thrilled!!!!

Tracy Rathman said...

Crystal I love these! They are awesome! Congrats!

Studio222 Photography said...

So fun!

Dustin Izatt said...

Oh how fun, I love it :) I have a future engagement session at our local amusement park and it's gonna be a blast. :) Thanks for sharing


Sylvia Borgo said...

Kelly! These are great! I love the last B&W one! I also love all the ones of them on the swinging chairs. Great fun!

..... said...

The pixs really captured Crystal and Rae's personalities - so much fun. Only wish their were more...

jennifer said...

Hooray for colour! Fab shoot.

erica said...

sooo inspired to bring a couple to the carnival. These are excellent!!

J.R.Hicks said...

The way you captured this couple with the dim lights and the challenging environment is truly impressive!

Lisette Price Photography said...

How FUN!!!! I've been wanting to do a shoot at a carnival. :) It looks like they had a great time and you captured some fun shots!

Jody said...

Oh this session rawks!!!

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