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El Yunque Rain Forest | Puerto Rico

Greetings from Puerto Rico! Mark and I are down in Puerto Rico right now, and on Sunday, we had an a great time visiting El Yunque Rain Forest. We always enjoy hiking and exploring the mountains back home, so getting to drive and hike through the rain forest was so much fun! There are so many gorgeous sites to see.

El Yunque Rain Forest

We hiked out to the La Mina Falls.

photo of La Mina Falls in the El Yunque Rain Forest

Puerto Rico's El Yunque Rain Forest has the beautiful La Mina Falls

Once we got to the falls, we had a picnic on the rocks and then Mark went swimming under the falls.

people swimming under La Mina Falls

The Yokahu Tower, an observation tower:

Yokahu Tower at El Yunque

The view as we climbed the tower:

photo taken from inside Yokahu Tower looking out

The view from the top:

Here are a few photos my dad took of Mark and me:


allie b. said...


Tim Halberg said...

beautiful for sure!!!! I wanna visit and see all of that in person, almost like hawaii in a way!

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