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Enjoying the Atlanta Snow

Wow! I can't believe it snowed today!

"I bet six years ago you would never have imagine that you would be this happy just to see snow," Mark said to me as we headed out for a walk in the snow. I guess it seemed pretty laughable for a girl from New Jersey to be so excited about seeing snow. But I love a little snow and seeing it snow every once in a while makes me happy. Especially when it's unexpected- like on a March day in Atlanta!

Here are some photos of our adventures in the snow:

snow in the park

Walking around outside, I saw that someone had built a tiny snowman.
little snowman

photo of snow

atlanta snowstorm

Here's a photo of Mark on our second trip out once the snow had started to stick on the ground.
Mark enjoying the snow

photo of snow on branches

snow covered park on a March Atlanta afternoon

Here's a few photos Mark took of me playing in the snow!
photos of Kelly playing in the snow

enjoying a snowy walk in the park


Anonymous said...

Check it out, wow! We didn't get any snow here in Charleston, but it has been a colder winter that we've had in years!

Kelly LaBruyere said...

I know! I couldn't believe it!

Anonymous said...

That little snowman is so funny! :)

Anonymous said...

You're too cute, I would freak out if I saw snow, lol. Love your blog!


Michelle Morales Photography said...

Aww how fun!! I wished it snowed in FL :( That snowman is too cute!!

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