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I've Been Tagged!

I just realized I've tagged for a little blog meme by Lynn and Andy from West Park Photography and Leandra Isaac from Grant Isaac Studio. Since I was tagged twice in the same day, I figured I would be a good sport and play along.

Here's how it works:

1. Sit down.
2. Take a picture of yourself right now. don’t primp, just snap one!
3. Upload it.
4. Tag 3 people to do the same.
That’s all!

Now for my lovely photo taken with the webcam on my Macbook.

I am really lucky I found out about this in the afternoon. Normally, I read blogs in the morning while I'm waiting for my coffee to brew, and a photo me before my coffee definitely would not be good!

I have decided to tag the following people: Valerie Schooling from Richard Bell Photography, Melanie Swan from Melanie Swan Photo and Autumn Gibson from Light Scape Photography

Have a great weekend!


Grant and Leandra said...

I know exactly what you mean about being glad you found out about it in the afternoon! Thanks for playing along. :)

Valerie Schooling said...

Oh no you tagged me...and I'm in my pj's drinking coffee...haha! Yeah that's so not happening. But thanks for thinking of me! LOL.

Kelly LaBruyere said...

Haha! Understandable!

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